ETL Marketing Solutions was born out of a rich entrepreneurial spirit.  Allow the creative expertise we offer work for you while you do the thing that you do.  Primary area of work is conducted in the South West region for face to face contacts. Remote and screen sharing is available worldwide.  

ETL: Effective Translational Lift. What is it? Why do you care? As a veteran army and civilian helicopter pilot I could not help but to think of this term in a business context. When I helicopter is hovering it uses more power - more power, more fuel, all this AND it is not going anywhere fast!

When the helicopter starts to move forward it effectively moves into new, "clean air" and begins to fly efficiently, It will burn less fuel, fly faster; ETL is achieved.

Think of your business like a helicopter that needs to get out of the hover and on it's way. The fuel that your "helicopter" is burning is cash.

In addition to digital marketing solutions, ETL is proud to offer aerial photography and video. As a licensed Unmanned Aerial Systems operator we can offer image content for your website, real property promotion or events.


Brand name is the life blood of your business' success. Let us ensure that it gets the notice it deserves. Don't let a bad review define your business! We will work to ensure your site shows 4 stars and above to the public while you will have the ability to deal with any issues that may have provoked the less than stellar review.

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Lead Generation

Gather customers to your door step. Generating leads through online methods is an essential component to business sustainability and growth. Don't worry - we got you covered!

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Be FOUND!! Allow ETL Marketing to perform an audit on your web presence. We will determine how to pull you from the back pages of google searches so your business will be seen by more searchers. Once implemented this process will require 3 - 6 months to gain results. This is a valuable asset but, it requires patience. We will work with google search science (which changes frequently) to make this happen.

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Aerial Photography

Did you know that having a friend or relative give you drone footage or still pictures for your business is not legal technically? Let a licensed drone pilot get stunning HD photos or videos. Surprisingly, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. With photo processing experience, the pilot is rated in manned and unmanned aircraft. Part 107 Licensed

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How To Motivate Employees

How To Motivate Employees

Getting your employees to buy into your brand, your, business and your success is not easy. It takes social awarenesses, leadership and strength.

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