How To Pick a Name For Your Startup

I am not going to claim to be an expert on business name creation.  I explained the brain child of ETL Marketing Solutions.  I still don't know if I like it all that much.  I like the idea of what the letters mean but, I still question my decision.  I had just gotten to the point where I needed to move forward in the forming of the business so, I didn't want to kick the can down the road forever.  

I am presently working on another name for my UAV/Drone brand.  Lots of ink and name yet.  

Some things to consider:  

  1. Organic advertising - can a potential customer identify what you do just by reading your business name?  If you are a plumbing company; you might want to include plumbing in your name or, at least something related to plumbing.  
  2. Acronyms - you can pack a lot into your name with a good acronym.  However, if you are too obscure no one will know what you do.  If I had not added the "Marketing Solutions". to my name no one would have a clue that I am a digital marketer for small business.  
  3. Length - Something grabby and memorable shouldn't be a paragraph or a short story.  How much ink do you want to use every time you print a company document?  How much space on signs can you afford?
  4. SEO - Search Engine Optimization.  Every one has a store front these days.  Whether or not you are a brick and mortar business, work from home or E-Commerce business, your store front is your website.  But it's more than that.  Its your web presence.  By making your business name as descriptive as possible you are achieving some level of what we call organic SEO.  When someone uses a search engine to find a service you provide they are not seeking out a specific web address.  By having a name that promotes your service or product just by the name you are more likely to be found online.  

Lets look at a few examples

Todd is a plumber and Todd likes to surf, has a big dog, three kids a wife and lives in Seaside California.  Todd does not think he will get a lot of work in Seaside until the economy attracts more new families or one of his competitors  retires.  The economy is depressed and many residents are on fixed incomes.  What should Tod name his plumbing business?

Here are some options:  

Todds Seaside Plumbing

Seaside Big Dog Mechanical

Family Practice

Surfer's Paradise Plumbing

NORCAL Mechanical

Which names do you think are good?  Which ones are not so good?  

Go to my face book page and post your responses.  The first 5 responders will get a free 30 minute business consultation and brain storming session.